Our online
jewelry store consists of a few thousand products, and every month we
update our website by adding new and fashionable jewelry. We are super
excited about promoting our website to the larger society, through the
world and that is the reason we also want to educate valuable secrets
about natural stones and their powers,  how to take care of your
jewelry, and so on. Moreover, we want to be a great source on
information about natural stones, how they form, where to find them (go
on treasure hunts), and of course jewelry which has been crafted with

Natural Stones such turquoise and blue opal are beautiful and precious. They can inspire artists, and complete the perfect look. Asoreforbeauty.com
is proud to announce that it’s creating itself as a source for
information and products relating to sterling silver, stainless steel,
and natural stones.
Owned and operated by woman, our site has a specific collection inspired and gathered by the owner herself, Nara. Her goal is to make elegance and class affordable to everyone.

Our Sterling silver designs, which are inspired by David Yurman, cost only a fraction of what you will find in David Yurman NYC, or Saks Fifth Avenue.  Yet the beauty of each item is phenomenal.
Sterling Silver is jumping higher and higher in cost, and our silver
prices still don’t reflect this hike. Because our inventory was
purchased before the price increase, we can still afford to sell silver
at the same rate as two years ago.

Our natural stones are not composite stones, mixed from turquoise
shavings and compressed. Although some items have been created in such
a style, they were chosen to be a part of our collection anyway,
because of their sheer beauty and timelessness: the finest coral , sapphires, rubies, turquoise , opal , onyxSwarovski crystals , and even “glass”.

Stainless steel
is resistance to corrosion and staining it an ideal base material for a
men’s jewelry and watches. The most common stainless steel alloy used
for jewelry is 316L. It can be re-finished by any jeweler and, unlike
silver, will not oxidize and turn black.

is a mineraloid gel, which can range from clear through white, yellow,
orange, red, blue, green, shore, rose, pink, slate, olive, brown,
magenta, gray and black. Usually, the most rare and dear considers reds
against black.

Onyx is a cryptocrystalline form of quartz.
The colors of its bands range from white to almost every color (have
some purple and blue shades) Commonly, specimens of onyx available
contain bands of colors of white, tan, and brown. Pure black Onyx is
common, and perhaps the most famous variety, but not as common as Onyx
with banded colors.

is rare, valuable and ornamental stone for thousands of years. The
colors of turquoise are blue, blue-green, and green. Hardness and
richness of color are two of the major factors in determining the value
of turquoise; while color is a matter of individual taste, generally
speaking, the most desirable is a strong sky to "robin's egg" blue.
However, in
greener blue is preferred more. Being a phosphate mineral, turquoise is
inherently fragile and sensitive to solvents; perfume and other
cosmetics will attack the finish and may alter the color of turquoise
gems, as will skin oils, as will most commercial jewelry cleaning
fluids. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may also discolor or
dehydrate turquoise. Because of that, cosmetics, including sunscreen
and hair spray, should be applied before putting on turquoise jewelry,
and they should not be worn to a beach or other sun-bathed environment.
After use, turquoise should be gently cleaned with a soft cloth to
avoid a build up of residue, and should be stored in its own container
to avoid scratching by harder gems. Turquoise can also be adversely affected if stored in an airtight container.

crystal contains approximately 32% lead to maximize refraction and
those crystals allow light to refract in a rainbow spectrum.

Gemstones that are associated with each month considered as
Birthstones. They may be precious stones, such as diamonds, or
semi-precious, such as Lapiz Lazuli. They considered lucky for their
particular months and their healing powers heightened during their
months. Therefore, if you are born in December then your Birthstone is
the Turquoise, and you will get the most benefit from turquoise by
wearing it in December. For October, it is Opal and so on. Since each
birthstone has heightened powers during its month then some people buy
a set of all twelve and rotate them for each month. Astoreforbeauty.com
offers all kinds of gemstones.